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Eden & Mitaine,
La griffe design de votre intérieur

Eden & Mitaine is the brand of a new furniture concept promoting the well-being of your cat while including your design aspirations.

The range of furniture is designed following the advice of veterinarians and feline behavioralists to help your cat feel at home. We attach great importance to getting closer to the natural needs of the cat to create at home, a relaxing and stimulating environment.

Particular attention is paid to the design so that the furniture integrates in harmony with your interior. Each stage of manufacture is carried out in France.

Adjustable and upgradeable, you can adapt the furniture to the preferences of your cat because each cat has its own character. Our two chief testers Eden & Mitaine will be able to confirm it to you !!

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The Scandinavian tree

Strengthening the harmony and balance between your cat and you,

Restoring the primary form of the tree where the cat can let his instinct guide themselves,

Having furniture’s design at home which brings warmth and smoothness to your home,

These are the goals aimed while designing the Scandinavian tree.

The Factotree

Conciliating our modern interiors with the basic needs of cats requires a specific furniture.

This cat tree was designed to fit any kind of design. Simple and elegant, it can get adjusted allowing you to move the steps, platforms and scratchers the best way regarding your cat’s mood.

Michoko showing in this photo, looking for nice adopters !

The presentation of furniture was an opportunity to highlight this brave kitten whose story you can discover as many others on the website of the association Moustache and Cie that works for the protection and rescue of our feline companions.

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